I have a dream.It is to create the world where all youngsters around world can exercise the fundamental rights to have education, regardless of their circumstances and environments.

Participating in sports, artistic, educational and
cultural activities during the adolescent years can teach youngsters some very valuable attributes,
such as the spirit of teamwork and social skills.
On top of this, sports event can also contribute to betterment of physical and mental well-being.

I will exert a conscientious effort to enable all of the above events to help
in the revitalization of dreams for young people..

Youths living in lacking educational environments are
exposed to temptation of many things.
There is nothing that’s better than cultural, educational, art and sports activities as a medium
to diverge youth’s passion and badminton is the best sport for a family to enjoy together.

Youths are our future.
We cannot expect to see brighter future without providing the right education.
I will do my best so that our youths can live with their dreams
and hopes until their successful future is reached.
Thank You

Kang Young Joong

World Youth and Culture Foundation